Ferran and Albert Adrià to open restaurant in Ibiza

They aren’t giving much away yet, but the Adrià brothers have revealed that their next venture will be in Ibiza and that they plan to open on May 29, 2015.

Ferran took his first kitchen job, washing dishes, when he was 18 with the sole aim of earning enough money for a hedonistic holiday in Ibiza. And look where that led. Given that the island is somewhere people go to have a lot of fun – often blowing huge amounts of cash in the process – this move is not that surprising really.

In an interview with Vanitatis, Albert Adrià confirmed that the restaurant will involve other people apart from the brothers and will be an ‘international and multidisciplinary’ affair. It will be in the Casino de Ibiza on the waterfront of the Ibizan capital. The restaurant will apparently not have ‘elitist’ prices – so will not be in direct competition with Paco Roncero’s newly-opened Sublimotion at the Hard Rock Ibiza hotel, where dinner costs €1,500.

Of course, it’s not going to be just a restaurant but some sort of spectacular interactive experience. They expect to serve 1,000 people a day and will open for six months a year, changing the concept each year. Albert describes it as a ‘cultural-artistic funfair for adults’. Sounds saucy… and very Ibiza.

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