Room Mate offers guests free MiFi device at hotels in Spain

Well this is excellent news indeed. I just read on Hosteltur that Room Mate is going to offer guests at their hotels in Spain a free MiFi device from July 1, a service they are calling WiMate. If you have never used one, these little mobile routers are really handy, as you can connect up to six devices at the same time, while the MiFi thing is in your pocket or your bag.

So now, if you are staying at one of Room Mate’s 11 hotels in Spain (four in Madrid, two in Barcelona, two in Malaga, and one each in Granada, Salamanca and Oviedo), you’ll have WiFi wherever you are in the city – or beyond if you are travelling around all day. 

Room Mate hotels have had free WiFi since 2005, and have always been really good at providing stuff their customers actually want, while avoiding unnecessary frills. Kike Sarasola, who founded Room Mate, said, “One of the biggest problems when travelling is the lack of internet connection and also high roaming charges. So we are offering our guests an essential service and a new concept in travel.”

Wonder how long it’ll take other hotel chains to cotton on. Years probably. 


3 thoughts

  1. And yet the fine-star Alfonso XIII Hotel in Seville continues to charge €18 daily for WI-FI…

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