Fancy being a digital nomad with Lanzarote Retreats this winter?

Travelling is tricky and short breaks may either be simply unfeasible or just not seem worth the hassle at the moment what with one thing and another. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been thinking of setting up shop somewhere else for a few months – preferably somewhere sunny with low living costs. Well, pack your laptop and your swimsuit because there is a way to escape the doom and gloom.

My friends Tila and Michelle Braddock run Lanzarote Retreats, a holiday company that comprises their gorgeous eco village, Finca de Arrieta, and various other properties on the island. They are always coming up with creative and inspiring ideas, and are now encouraging their regular and new guests to think about basing themselves in Lanzarote for a long stay, working remotely from a casita or a yurt at Finca de Arrieta or one of their other accommodation options.

This is a very tempting plan indeed. I love Lanzarote with its mesmerising volcanic landscapes and laidback vibe. And I sleep better at Finca de Arrieta than anywhere else, I swear.

For anyone who can work just with a laptop, which is a lot of people these days, staying in one place, but a different place from home, is bound to become more popular. At Lanzarote Retreats, you get fibre optic broadband, sea views, fantastic light and the chance to mix work with surfing, swimming, yoga, hiking and lots more activities. You can even potter about in their vegetable garden, not to mention go and get freshly-laid eggs for breakfast. It’s utter bliss, believe me. I’ve stayed their numerous times over the last decade or so and always feel transformed after just a few days, so being there for weeks or even months, being part of the Lanzarote Retreats family, would be an incredible experience, I’m sure.

They are turning the chill-out area into a coworking space and are also making a desk available two days a week in their office in Costa Teguise office for guests who prefer to be in that sort of environment.  

I usually roll my eyes at the term ‘digital nomad’ as it conjures up images of self-obsessed millennials, but it is a handy expression in this case. Relocating for a while is something you can do at any age – Lanzarote is definitely somewhere you will fit in however old you are – and might well prove to be a stimulating experience where you meet lots of new people and have a go at different things. Let’s face it, even those of us who are used to working at home have been feeling a bit cut off in the last few months.

Another option with Lanzarote Retreats is to share a villa with other people if you don’t want to live on your own. For families, there are excellent international schools in Lanzarote, where the children would pick up Spanish easily.

Long stay prices start from around €1000 (approx £890) a month for two guests, but all sorts of permutations are possible. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Just have a look at Lanzarote Retreats for more inspiration – if you need it – and get in touch with them to find out more.

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