Canary Islands to provide travel insurance for tourists to cover Coronavirus costs

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The Canary Islands are desperate to reassure potential tourists that they can still enjoy a holiday on the archipelago. This is of course a difficult situation for UK visitors while the current restrictions are in force, with the FCO advising against all non-essential travel and a mandatory 14-day self-isolation period on return to the UK. But let’s hope this is changed before too long if infection rates on the islands remain very low, as is the case now.

To help things along, the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Canary Islands Government has announced it has reached an agreement with AXA Spain to provide travel insurance for all tourists who travel to the islands, whether Spanish or international.

Should a tourist test positive for Covid-19, they are guaranteed cover for all related medical expenses, repatriation and extension of stays in accordance with quarantine-related regulations. The policy does not however include cases of Covid-19 known prior to travel. The initiative takes effect from this week and will be valid for 12 months. It will cover all visitors who did not know they had the virus and do not have personal insurance to cover the costs.

Yaiza Castilla, Minister for Tourism commented, “With the introduction of this policy, the Canary Islands further extend their commitment to reinforce and increase the safety and peace of mind of tourists.”

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