Buying Alhambra tickets


Thank goodness for that. From tomorrow, Sunday October 1st, it is going to be a bit less of a palaver to get tickets to visit the Alhambra in Granada. As reported in Hosteltur today,  when you buy a ticket online – presumably still through Ticketmaster  – you will actually be able to print it out yourself, rather than having to queue up to collect it when you get there. There is also the option of printing it at machines at the Alhambra.

Tickets have a QR code and include the passport or identity card details of the holder in an attempt to avoid resale. You can now purchase tickets from three months in advance, and as soon as two hours before you want to visit. Although, as 2.7 million people visit the monument each year, with an average of 200 an hour, you would be lucky to get a ticket at the last minute – but definitely worth a go in quieter months such as January and February.  A limited number of tickets are still also available on the day if you just pitch up at the ticket office, but now you can actually pay by card, rather than cash, as has been the case up until now.


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