Confusion surrounds Sevilla Card

I had a wonderful time in Seville at the weekend –  British Airways has a new flight from Gatwick – so was interested to read a report in Hosteltur yesterday about the Sevilla Card, saying that it has not been valid since the beginning of the year, when the contract with neoturismo, the company behind it, came to an end. You can however still buy it on the sevillacard and neoturismo websites – I just had a look and clicked through up to the point of actually paying for it.

According to neoturismo, there is no problem with the card; it is still valid  – or is operating again after a hiatus while the contract was renegotiated – and it is not being rejected anywhere. As you can buy it, this makes sense. It is unusual for Hosteltur to get it wrong though, so I reckon the report was correct at some point but the situation has now been resolved. It is very odd, however, that the card is not promoted on the Seville Tourism website, so there is clearly some problem there, but as long as this is some petty local politics issue and the card works, we don’t really have to worry about it.

New prices came in on March 1st, along with an updated list of what is included. At €30 a day and €48 for two days, the card covers admission to the cathedral and other monuments and museums – but not now the Alcazar – as well as a river cruise and the tourist bus. Like most tourist cards, it is well worth getting if you are really going to hammer the sights but not if you are spending half your time sitting at pavement cafés or mooching around the shops.

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