What Girona10 is all about…

If you are already feeling jaded after being back at work for a few hours, a cheeky weekend in Girona in Catalunya might just put the smile back on your face.

Girona10 is a special initiative taking place on January 14/15 with all sorts of discounts and events, which look pretty tempting to me.

From 11pm UK time tonight (Jan 3), there will be 1000 hotel rooms available for €10 for Saturday, January 14. You can book directly on the hotel websites, or through booking engines.

There will also be set menus on offer at 50 restaurants for €10, as well as free entry to museums and discounts all over the city.

Market stalls will be offering tastings of local produce – and no doubt the odd glass of wine and cava will be handed out too.

Shops are going to stay open till 10pm, so it should be a lively evening what with one thing and another.

More information here – not in English yet but the list of participating places is self-explanatory.

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