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Andalusian cities in Autumn   The Telegraph (October 2014)

The Best Hotels in the Balearics  Ultra Travel Magazine, The Telegraph (September 2014)

36 hours in Mahon, Menorca   The Telegraph (August 2014)

Secret Seaside: Es Grau, Menorca   The Telegraph (July 2014)

Tapas tips for Seville, Madrid and San Sebastian   The Telegraph (June 2014)

36 hours in La Coruña  The Telegraph (May 2014)

Santa Cruz de La Palma in the Canary Islands: a cultural city guide  The Telegraph (April 2014)

36 hours in Madrid  The Telegraph (February 2014)

A question of taste: Malaga’s food revolution   The Telegraph (February 2014)

Malaga – tales of the city  The Telegraph (February 2014)

Spain Summer Holidays Guide 2014  The Telegraph (January 2014)

From Andorra to Barcelona   The Telegraph, SEAT Adventure (January 2014)

Malaga’s Picasso-led transformation  Financial Times (02/11/13)

Only You Hotel, Madrid  Red magazine (October 13)

Hotel Watch Only You, Madrid  The Telegraph (October 13)

Gastronomy in Andalucia  The Telegraph, Andalucia supplement (15/10/13)

Beaches in Andalucia The Telegraph, Andalucia supplement (15/10/13)

Valencia feature for Summit magazine (October 2013)

Hay Festival Segovia  The Telegraph (04/09/13)

Secret Seaside: Viveiro, Galicia  The Telegraph (04/08/13)

Jose Pizarro’s Andalusia The Telegraph (23/07/13)

Hotel Torralbenc, Menorca  The Telegraph

Hotel Finca Cortesin, Andalusia  The Telegraph

Asturias restaurants and activities  The Telegraph (29/05/13)

Asturias history: Moorish, medieval and Celtic traditions  The Telegraph (29/05/13)

Hotel Jumeirah Port Soller, Mallorca The Telegraph

My Madrid  The Telegraph (16/03/13)

Hotel Hesperia Madrid, Madrid  The Telegraph

Hotel Artrip, Madrid  The Telegraph

Hotel Westin Palace, Madrid  The Telegraph

Hotel Villa Soro, San Sebastian  Red magazine

Hotel Astoria 7, San Sebastian  Red magazine

La Palma     The Telegraph (11/02/13)

36 hours in Valencia  The Telegraph (30/01/13)

36 hours in San Sebastian  The Telegraph

36 hours in Palma The Telegraph 

Traditional food in Galicia The Telegraph (19/09/12)

Secret Seaside: S’illot beach, Victoria Peninsula, Mallorca The Telegraph (29/08/12)

Secred Seaside: Monsul beach, Cabo de Gata, Almeria The Telegraph (21/08/12)

Venture to Vigo in Galicia The Telegraph (16/08/12)

Discover A Coruña – the Galician city enveloped by an ocean The Telegraph  (11/08/12)

The Spirit of Santiago de Compostela  The Telegraph (30/07/12)

Galicia: the secret corner of Green Spain  The Telegraph (30/07/12)

Secret Seaside: Cies Islands  The Telegraph (18/07/12)

Girona, a cultural city guide  The Telegraph (20/3/12)

Andalucia: food and drink  The Telegraph (24/02/12)

Jaen in Andalucia: history and traditions  The Telegraph (24/02/12)

Discovering Cordoba in Andalucia The Telegraph (24/02/12)

Segovia, a cultural city guide  The Telegraph (22/01/12)

Madrid itineraries  The Telegraph (18/01/12)

Lanzarote guide   The Telegraph (09/11/11)

Hay Festival in Segovia The Telegraph (25/09/11)

Alicante: the town where ‘el tomate’ is king The Telegraph (10/09/11)

Madrid city guide  The Telegraph (August 2011)

Spain’s best small museums  The Telegraph (21/08/11)

Ibiza guide The Telegraph (30/07/11)

Menorca guide The Telegraph (30/07/11)

Mallorca guide The Telegraph (30/07/11)

Tabarca in Secret Islands feature in the Financial Times (29/07/11)

Spain Moneysaving Tips The Telegraph (20/07/11)

Malaga city guide  The Telegraph (July 2011)

Valencia city guide  The Telegraph (July 2011)

Barcelona and Madrid guides in Elle UK (June 2011)

Captivating Cantabria  supplement The Telegraph (13/05/11)

The Real Tenerife supplement The Telegraph (03/04/11)

The Basque Country supplement The Telegraph (02/04/11)

Malaga: cultural city & essentials The Sunday Telegraph (13/03/11)

Madrid  Barcelona Seville Cordoba Granada The 50 Greatest Cultural Cities in The Telegraph (17/01/11).

Valencia: cultural city The Sunday Telegraph

Valencia: cultural city essentials The Sunday Telegraph

Seville: cultural city The Sunday Telegraph

Seville: cultural city essentials The Sunday Telegraph

Looking for the Spanish Doc Martin in Lastres

Lastres in Asturias is the location for Doctor Mateo, the Spanish version of Doc Martin

The Sunday Telegraph

Costa Trasmiera in Cantabria

An unspoilt coastline in northern Spain

The Daily Telegraph

Santander   A chic city by the sea  – supplement with The Daily Telegraph

Gijon – an alternative city break

Financial Times

Cape culture in Madrid The Sunday Telegraph

Almodovar’s Lanzarote The Observer

Being in Babia The Observer

Going underground in Granada The Sunday Telegraph

Spain Insider’s Guide 2010 The Sunday Telegraph

Summer in Madrid The Guardian

Eating in Madrid The Independent

Best Beaches in the Balearics The Daily Telegraph

Best Beaches in the Canaries The Daily Telegraph

Best Beaches on the Costa Blanca The Daily Telegraph

Best Beaches on the Costa del Sol The Daily Telegraph

Barcelona by GoCar The Sunday Telegraph

A literary walk around Girona The Sunday Telegraph

Instant Weekend in Malaga The Observer

Instant Weekend in Valencia The Observer

Across northern Spain on the Transcantabrico train The Sunday Telegraph

Eating snails in Lleida, Catalunya The Sunday Telegraph

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